What we do

Wight Sparks is s full-service Electrical Engineering company that is equally happy working at your home, office or lesuire park as it is at Sea. Quickly learn more about us here or in greater detail below.



You are safe in our hands. Electrical saftey at home is our number one concern. Whether it is a simple socket, garden light, or a complete rewire, having your house safe is our main concern. At a price that makes you feel comfortable of course...

How we do it

You can expect professionalism from Wight Sparks not usually associated with the trade. Our ethos is import to us, our key work word is 'Pride' and we deliver a friendly service day or night.


A Wireless Life

Wight Sparks are leaders in wireless power for your home. Talk to us today how we can do away with wiring and help reduce the use of plastic...

Unique Services and approach

Instant Certs

Landlord, Agent, Leisure Park manager? if so, you know how much time and money waiting for certification can cost. The delays and loss of rent revenue can be very real indeed. We make sure the Wight Sparks saves you money. First class electrical work, and a legal certificate issued instantly. No more delays, let that tenent in today!

24HR Call Out

Why does it always go wrong at this time of night? we hear you we really do. So here is our offer. We'll come out anytime of day or night but no emergency fee's, just our standard rate. So, dont worry, be happy, we are on our way and not going to charge you the earth. A coffee might be nice if it's the small hours though... .

Dedicated Team

Need a dedicated Wight Sparks everyday, one day a week, one day a month guaranteed without issue or doubt? Wight Sparks have got you covered - guaranteed. 

Electric Art

You dont have to drill and dig that finished wall, our electrical art installations will enhance rather that detract.

Design Solutions - Electric Art

Ok, so you have a beautiful wall, you need power, but drilling deep holes into the wall and rough plastering brings tears to your eyes, what to do? The answer is Electric Art. With great copper tubing we can design a pattern of your choice, mimic the curve of the wall or arc of the ceiling. Whatever the design we can add value to the wall and of course add power.


Electric Art can bring life to a bedroom, add power to finished rooms, or just provide a cool solution to your power needs. 

Future Proofing

As Electrical Engineers (Sparks) we obviously appluade the move to power cars, bikes and pretty much everything with electricity.  Now let's look five years down the line, electric cars are very much everyday. Is there a power pod for an electric car or bike in your garage or outside wall? Adding it now could make your house the one to buy in the future. 

Wireless Power

Plastic is not fantastic, we are sure everone would now agree. This is where our wirelss tech comes into play. We are not talking just another router, but an integrated and secure system that will future proof your home and make it as waste friendly as power can be. 

Electrical Health checks...

Let us check your rental property, caravan park or any building that needs cerfication. We check, we fix, we print, we certificate on the spot. Imagine how much that will save you!